Thursday, May 17

There is a breed of dog that can climb trees, flex its spine like a cat, and use a singing howl instead of a bark.

It is known as the New Guinea Singing Dog, named for its unique howl. Presently, almost nothing is known about them in their native habitat. No photographs even exist of them in the wild. These dogs are often kept as companions because of their intelligence and physical abilities.

Like coyotes and wolves, these dogs often howl together in what is called “chorus howling.” Most of the time, the dogs howl with very good synchronization and end at the same time. Their legs and paws are much more flexible than regular dogs, to the point of being able to climb trees, albeit not as well as a fox or cat. Because of this, they are notorious escape artists.

They can climb and jump like a cat, and even get over fences as easily as squirrels. Though they generally avoid people and aren't very easy to domesticate, they're still quite a spectacle.

Your thumb and fingers don't have ANY muscles.

Our fingers themselves do not have muscles in them. This obviously might make you wonder how exactly we can move our fingers. Well, the short answer is by remote control.

You might be thinking that we move everything by remote control, because the brain is what controls everything. But the fingers are special because of their lack of muscle.

Fingers are moved by tendons, pulled by muscles in the forearm. That's why if you flex your fingers, you can feel the muscles in your forearm. You could say that we don't directly control our fingers at all.

The muscles in the forearm and palm are connected to the finger bones by smooth, flexible strings called tendons. The way our finger joints bend is by the muscles pulling on these tendons.

This is partly why many people can't bend their pinkies all the way without also bending their ring fingers. These muscles operate somewhat like strings on a marionette.

The total muscle count involved is 17 in the palm of the hand and 18 in the forearm. It's pretty interesting that the parts of our body that we use so frequently are completely devoid of muscles.

US Alcoholics might increase by 60% next year!

It's not because of a particular increase in alcohol consumption, or any type of actual increase in people who become alcoholics. It's because the American Psychiatric Association is coming up with a new definition of addiction that will see the number of people classified as alcoholics increase by that much.

The American Psychiatric Association writes and maintains the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM for sure. It's the go-to book that every mental health professional refers to when diagnosing a mental illness.

They're planning on releasing the 5th edition of the DSM next year, and one of the changes they're proposing is to expand the list of recognized symptoms for drug and alcohol addiction.

For example, if you often drink more than you intend and crave alcohol, you will be considered a mild addict. Under DSM-4, you needed to have more serious symptoms like missing your duties, being arrested or driving while drunk before you were diagnosed as an addict.

The result will be that an estimated 20 million people will be considered addicts, who now are just unhealthy users rather than abusers. They estimate that up to 40% of college students would fall under this definition!

This decision is drawing fire because it has huge implications beyond the simple diagnosis. For one, the DSM is what insurance companies use to decide what treatments they pay. If so many people are considered addicts, then health care costs could rise dramatically.

The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

Now mostly phased out as a means of execution in our country, the electric chair was once the most commonly used. In 1881, the state of New York made a committee to come up with better alternatives to hanging. Alfred P. Southwick, a member of this committee, presented the idea of death by electric current, allegedly after seeing how quick and painless it had happened to another man who accidentally died from electrocution.

The running theory is that because Southwick was a dentist, and used to working on people in chairs, the idea naturally came to him as being in the form of a chair. Harold P. Brown, who was an employee of Thomas Edison, and Arthur Kennelly, produced the first electric chair.

Because Brown and Kennelly worked on the chair under the supervision of Edison, the invention is often named Edison's. Today, most states execute people by means of a series of lethal injections, as it is viewed more humane than the electric chair.

There’s a 4000km wide diamond in our galaxy!

The gigantic piece of bling was discovered by scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. It’s 50 light years away from Earth and is in the constellation centaurus. The diamond was created by a star that, instead of exploding in a supernova, compressed itself into a white dwarf star.

The 10 billion trillion trillion diamond formed in the center of the star. Scientists have predicted that one day this could happen to our sun. "Our Sun will become a diamond that truly is forever," said Travis Metcalfe, the leader of the team that discovered it.

Engagement Rings used to be a form of Insurance!

Engagement rings have a long history. They have been used since at least Ancient Egypt. The circle-shape of the ring was supposed to symbolize a never-ending cycle of love. They were in use during Roman times too, until they fell out of use until they picked up again in the 13th century.

One of the traditions that many people follow in the United States is that the groom is supposed to spend 1 month's worth of salary on an engagement ring. This tradition was actually started by diamond company De Beers in order to sell more diamonds. Go figure. They later suggested that a man should spend 2 months' salary, in an effort to sell even more diamonds.

This had an unintended consequence, though. Before 1935, men who reneged on an engagement were liable to being sued for breach of promise. The damages tended to be costs incurred in preparing the wedding, emotional distress, and loss of other marriage prospects.

Starting in 1935, laws that permitted men to be sued for breaking up an engagement started to get repealed or limited. The costs of breaking off a marriage, though, stayed the same. They were particularly bad if the woman was not a virgin, as it would be more difficult to find another partner. As a result, those expensive diamond rings became a type of financial insurance for the woman in case she needed to sell it for the money.

Slouching on your computer is actually pretty bad for you!

Attention office workers , gamer and computer user . All that time you spend slouching over your computer at work is actually pretty bad for you. You've probably heard your mom tell you how bad it is to have bad posture, and she's right!

  • Slouching can cause digestive problems. Your rib cage is pushing down on your internal organs. With good posture, you'll let your intestines do their work well.
  • Slouching can cause chronic pain in your upper body. Although it's painful at first, good upright posture is what nature intended. The pain you feel in the beginning is because you're working out muscles that you haven't used in a while.
  • Slouching decreases mental performance, although this only seems to affect men. A study by Colorado College showed that male students with good posture scored a lot higher than slouchers!
  •  Good posture makes you taller! Slouching can make you lose up to 1 inch in height! 

  • Prevents 'beer belly!' Like we said above, slouching is bad because it pushes on your organs. Extended periods of this actually makes your organs mold to the bad posture, which means they make your belly more pronounced. 

Check out the link for more information and tips on how to get good posture!

You CANNOT drown in quicksand.

Quicksand may have managed to catch the speedy Yale graduate Flash Gordon, and overpower the vine-swinging Tarzan, but it will not get the best of you. Unless you’re cast in the next Hollywood action movie, you should be good to go. It is scientifically impossible to drown in quick sand.

Quicksand is made up of a combination of sand, water, clay and salt. These ingredients form a structure resembling a house of cards. When left alone everything is stable; however, when a person steps on it all hell breaks loose. Very quickly the composition changes due to the disturbance, and the quicksand becomes about one million times runnier.

 Although you may drop down, your heart pounding at the thought of your imminent death, don’t panic. Due to the density of quicksand verse the density of a human, you only sink half way. That’s not to say you won’t be trapped for eternity, but don’t worry about drowning.

A snail can sleep for 3 years.

It is no secret that snails need moisture to stay alive. Because many snails live in dry climates, they have developed a few tricks to survive through dry spells. One of them is extremely long hibernation.

Even though some snails can even dig underground to get away from the dry air, this might not be enough to keep them alive. If the situation is too hot and dry, snails can find a place to hibernate for up to three years until the climate is more suitable for them. Because snails can live for fifteen years, this is a good portion of their life, but not as much as other living things.

Here's some other facts about snails and how they manage to gather up all the moisture they need to survive:

  • Snails are mostly nocturnal, so that the light of day doesn’t burn them out as badly.
  • Because they are hermaphrodites, they don’t need to worry about finding a mate in the dry air.
  • The opening of the snail shell is covered with a slimy gel that prevents much air passage.


Wednesday, May 16

You should NOT brush your teeth after every meal.

It may seem like a good idea to brush your teeth after eating to clean out any stray food particles, and maybe to get a bad taste out of your mouth. However, according to Colgate your teeth are most vulnerable to damage after eating and drinking. The acidic foods and drinks we consume softens the enamel on our teeth. Brushing within 60 minutes after eating can wear down this enamel.

Though brushing after every meal isn’t a good idea, you should still brush 2-3 times every day. Brushing at night is the most important; when your mouth gets dry during sleep bacteria can more easily damage your teeth. Brushing in the morning is important to clean out the plaque that collected on your teeth overnight. Technically, it’s more effective to brush your teeth after breakfast than before (but again, it has to be at least an hour after you’re done eating). Brushing during the day is also a good idea, but brushing more than three times in one day can cause damage to the gums. I bet you didn’t think brushing teeth could be this complicated!

Having a spouse with dementia increases your chances of getting dementia too.

Being a caregiver of someone going through dementia increases your likelihood of developing the same condition by 6 times. It’s worse for men; men whose spouses developed dementia are 12 times more likely to than men whose spouses have not. A 12 year study of 1,221 senior couples found that of the 255 seniors who developed dementia, that spouses were more reliable risk factors than genes, gender or socioeconomic status. This is likely because â..." of the cases of dementia were brought on by Alzheimer’s disease. Caring for someone with dementia can be very stressful, and stress increases the risk of Alzheimer’s. Source

There was once a traffic jam that lasted over a week in China.

In Aug. 13 2010, a traffic jam on National Highway 110 near Beijing kept cars stuck in traffic for 10 days. The traffic jam itself went on for 60 miles. On average, the trapped vehicles were stuck moving about â..." of a mile per DAY. Truck drivers in the jam kept themselves entertained by playing cards. Local vendors sold food to the unlucky motorists (mostly ramen at marked-up prices). 

Tuesday, May 15

There’s a forest in Japan famous for suicides!

It’s called Aokigahara, or the Sea of Trees and every year nearly 100 people hang themselves among its dense trees. The forest lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji and because the trees are so densely packed, there is a renowned absence of animals or wind, resulting in an eerie silence.

The forest has always been linked with demons and death throughout Japanese mythology. Every year, usually around March, people walk into the forest with a rope and little else to find a tree to end their life. The forest is so densely packed however, that the government has admitted there are most likely many bodies that are never found.

In 1960 the novel “Nami no Tō” consisted with two lovers ending their lives in the forest and ever since suicide rates have skyrocketed. The government has begun placing posters in both Japanese and English throughout the area urging people to reconsider; yet many do not. Every year the government sends a search body of police to find the hanging bodies and has ceased publishing the figure to deter others from following suit.

Scientists have found soft tissue on dinosaurs that is nearly 70 million years old!

A Tyrannosaurus rex was recently found in Montana with a shattered leg bone. As paleontologists studied the specimen, one scientist did something that was slightly out of the ordinary. Dr. Mary Schweitzer took fragments of the bone and submerged them in acid in her laboratory. 
What she discovered was astonishing. The specimen contained bits of tissue, red blood cells, and more. Before this, it was thought impossible that these elements would survive this long. This is the first observation of its kind and scientists around the world are baffled by the findings. 
The findings could potentially lead to new insights on how dinosaurs evolved, how their muscles and blood vessels worked, and could even settle the debate on whether the animals were warm-blooded, coldblooded –or both.
 Why was this information just discovered? Scientists say it’s so difficult to find and procure the bones in the first place that most did not even think to destroy them in acid! No word on whether they'll be able to get enough DNA out of this tissue to create a theme park, though.

Sunday, May 13

In 2010, Japanese officials went to congratulate the oldest man in Tokyo on his 111th birthday and found he’d been dead for 30 years!

Officials went to congratulate Sogen Kato for being the oldest man in Tokyo. They met his family who refused to let them see him. This made them suspicious, so they began a police investigation into the matter.
When the police forced their way into Mr. Kato’s home, they found his mummified remains in his bed. He was wearing underwear and pajamas under a blanket. Mr. Kato had been dead 30 years! 
His family is being investigated for fraud. They say that Mr. Kato locked himself up 30 years ago and became a living Buddha and they had no idea he had passed away. He had received $109,000 in the past six years for widower’s pension after his wife passed away. 

There’s a painter who paints using only blood!

Vincent Castiglia is an American painter born in Brooklyn, New York. He paints exclusively with human blood on paper. He’s internationally acclaimed for figurative paintings with metaphysical and nightmarish subject matters.
He does a lot of work with themes involving symbiosis of birth and death and the pitfalls of mortality. He’s the first American to receive and invitation to have a solo exhibition in the H.R. Giger Museum in Gruyeres, Switzerland. Castiglia’s work is an examination of the human experience. His work is said to illustrate a humanity that is creative, but at the same time, self-destructive.
"Feeding" one of his painting.

The Polish army officially drafted a brown bear *Wojtek soldier bear* into service in WWII as a Private

Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear, and he was a private in the Polish army during World War II. His official duty was passing ammunition along to supply the guns. However, in between raids, Wojtek enjoyed drinking beer, eating cigarettes and wrestling with the men of 22nd Artillery Supply Company. Once, he even found an enemy soldier who was spying for a raiding party. 
A local Iranian boy found Wojtek when he was less than a year old, and sold it to the nearby Polish Army. Before too long, he could properly salute when greeted and enjoyed the friendliness of all the men. 
He was like a big dog that was everyone’s favorite pet. When the Company was deployed to Italy, the only way to take Wojtek on the ship was to officially enlist him. He was given a name, rank and number. Wojtek survived the war and lived until he was 22 at the Edinburgh Zoo. 

Beavers used to be the size of BEARS!

Castoroides, also known as the Giant Beaver, existed during the Pleistocene in North America. They grew up to 8 feet tall and weighed between 130-220 pounds, making them the size of a black bear. 
It’s unknown whether their feet were webbed and if they had a tail like the modern beaver since the soft tissue has decayed. The incisors of the Giant Beaver were 5.9 inches long. Their teeth structure was much different than the modern beaver, though. Modern day beavers have teeth that look like chisels that are good for gnawing on wood. Giant beaver teeth were bigger and broader.
The oldest fossils found are about 1.4 million years old, and scientists estimate that the beaver went extinct about 10,000 years ago, at the same time other large North American species like mastodons and mammoths also went extinct. Although it’s likely that humans had something to do with their extinction, there is no evidence of humans hunting giant beavers.

A rapper was arrested for killing and eating parts of his girlfriend!

His name is Antron Singleton, but is perhaps better known by his rapper name Big Lurch. Born in 1976, he is currently serving a life sentence for murdering his 21-year-old roommate Tynisha Ysais and then consequently eating parts of her body. All of this occurred while Singleton was under the influence of PCP back in 2002. 
Two years before the incident took place; Singleton was involved in a car accident that caused him to break his neck. He had immense trouble walking and was heavily medicated throughout his recovery. Even after Singleton was released from the hospital he was in pain, and admits that he began using the hallucinogenic drug PCP to cope with the pain. 
While under the influence of PCP his behavior began to become more and more erratic. In fact, the drug is proven to be linked to schizophrenia and can induce schizophrenia like behavior. On April 10, 2002 Singleton was found standing naked in the street, covered in blood, screaming at the sky. Ysais body was found later, with evidence of cannibalistic behavior.

Posisi Jerawat Petunjuk Kepada Kesihatan Seseorang

Oh..Tidak! Jerawat. Kebanyakan orang pernah naik jerawat di muka tidak kira besar atau kecil. Kalau tengok cermin mesti tidak sah kalau anda tidak belek-belek muka, nampak jerawat mulalah rasa sakit hati dan geram kan? Itu perkara biasa.

Ada setengah orang cakap jerawat ini menyusahkan dan memalukan bila sudah naik banyak-banyak di muka. Sampai ada yang sanggup tidak mahu keluar rumah bila muka berjerawat. Betul ka? Tapi jerawat tak boleh dibiarkan sebabkan kesannya sangat teruk.Tapi tahukah anda posisi jerawat boleh memberi petunjuk ataupun isyarat tentang kesihatan kita walaupun bukanlah secara menyeluruh? Menarik bukan? Jom teruskan membaca info dibawah.

Jerawat kat DAHI

Haba badan yang melampau serta peredaran darah yang tidak baik menjadi punca kepada naiknya jerawat kat dahi kita. Orang yang ada jerawat kat dahinya selalunya memiliki sifat panas baran.
Untuk menghindari, dinasihatkan supaya menjadikan amalan untuk tidur awal serta bangun awal. Selain itu pastikan dapat tidur yang cukup dan minum air banyak.

Jerawat kat HIDUNG

Kalau jerawat di batang hidung, ianya bermaksud tulang belakang kita mungkin bermasalah. Jika ianya di hujung hidung mungkin disebabkan haba perut melampau dan sistem penghadaman yang tidak normal.
Dan jika di salah satu hujung hidung pula boleh dikaitkan dengan ovari atau sistem reproduksi yang mempunyai masalah.

Jerawat kat DAGU

Kalau jerawat tumbuh di dagu pula, berkemungkinan fungsi buah pinggang telah terjejas atau sistem endokrin (rembesan dalaman) lemah. Untuk kaum wanita yang mudah mendapat jerawat di sekitar dagu mungkin berpunca daripada haid yang tidak teratur dan sistem peranakan yang bermasalah.

Jerawat kat PIPI

Jika jerawat tumbuh di pipi kiri, fungsi hati mungkin kurang lancar seperti dilanda masalah rembesan, menyahtoksin dan penghasilan darah. Jika di sebelah pipi kanan, fungsi paru-paru berkemungkinan tidak normal.

Jerawat kat BADAN (Belakang dan Depan)

Bagi jerawat yang tumbuh di belakang atau depan badan ianya memberi petanda kemungkinan sistem perkumuhan bermasalah, seperti terkena sembelit. Dinasihatkan supaya mengamalkan pemakanan yang sihat bagi memastikan toksin tersingkir dengan lebih baik.
Nampaknya ada yang terus menghadap ke cermin untuk melihat posisi jerawat anda. Walaubagaiman pun artikel yang dikongsikan ini adalah sekadar rujukan sahaja. Untuk mendapatkan maklumat lebih jelas mengenai tahap kesihatan, anda perlulah mendapatkan rawatan dan nasihat doktor.

P/S: Tips untuk kulit sihat

Anda dinasihatkan untuk minum sekurang-kurangnya 8 gelas air kosong sehari. Ini akan membantu anda utk menyeimbangkan suhu badan dan membebaskan toksik yang tidak dikehendaki daripada tubuh badan kita. Ia juga membantu pelawasan.

Wednesday, May 9

Google pays tribute to Howard Carter

An English archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun, with a specially designed doodle on its homepage today. (9May2012)

Carter was born on May 9 1874.
On November 4 1922, Carter's excavation group found the steps leading to Tutankhamun's tomb, by far the best preserved and most intact pharaonic tomb ever found in Egypt's Valley of the Kings.
The clearance of the tomb with its thousands of objects continued until 1932.  Following his sensational discovery, Howard Carter retired from archaeology and became a part-time agent for collectors and museums, including the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Detroit Institute of Arts.
He died of lymphoma, a type of cancer, in Kensington, London, on 2 March 1939 at the age of 64. The archaeologist's (natural) death so long after the opening of the tomb, despite being the leader of the expedition, is the piece of evidence most commonly put forward by sceptics to refute the idea of a "curse of the pharaohs" plaguing the party that violated Tutankhamun's tomb.

Read more: Google pays tribute to Howard Carter - Latest - New Straits Times

Hukum Dan Hikmah Memotong Kuku

Hukum dan Hikmat Memotong Kuku

Memotong kuku termasuk dalam amalan sunat. Hal ini disebut dalam hadis iaitu daripada Saidatina Aisyah yang maksudnya “Sepuluh perkara yang dikira sebagai fitrah (sunnah) iaitu memotong misai, memelihara janggut, bersugi, memasukkan air ke dalam hidung, memotong kuku, membasuh sendi-sendi, mencabut bulu ketiak, mencukur bulu ari-ari, bersuci dengan air (beristinjak). Berkata Zakaria “Aku lupa yang ke-10 kecuali berkumur” (Riwayat Muslim)

Memotong kuku adalah sunat bagi lelaki dan perempuan sama ada kuku kaki atau tangan. Adapun hikmat daripada pensyariatan memotong kuku adalah menghilangkan kekotoran yang melekat atau berkumpul di celahnya. Kotoran itu jika tidak dibersihkan akan dan boleh menghalang air ketika bersuci. Selain itu, jika kuku dibiarkan panjang segala kekotoran atau najis akan terlekat padanya dan nescaya ia menjejaskan kesihatan.

Cara dan benda untuk memotong kuku.

Sunat memotong kuku bermula daripada tangan kanan, kemudian tangan kiri, memotong kuku kaki kanan,kemudian kaki kiri. Menurut Imam Nawawi, sunat memotong kuku bermula dari jari tangan kanan keseluruhannya dari jari telunjuk hingga ke jari kelingking dan diikuti ibu jari. Kemudian tangan kiri bermula dari jari kelingking hingga ibu jari. Sementara kuku kaki pula bermula dari kaki kanan daripada jari kelingking hingga ibu jari. Kemudian kaki kiri daripada ibu jari hingga kelingkiing.

Harus seseorang memotong menggunakan gunting, pisau atau benda khas seperti alat pemotong kuku supaya tidak memudaratkan kuku atau jarinya. Selesai memotong kuku segeralah membasuh tangan dengan air. Ada riwayat mengatakan bahawa makruh memotong kuku dengan menggunakan gigi kerana boleh mewarisi penyakit kusta.

Waktu Memotong Kuku

Islam juga mengambil kira waktu memotong kuku yang tidak tertakluk kepada panjang kuku tersebut. Kuku harus dipotong pada bila-bila masa. Walau bagaimanapun, jangan membiarkan kuku tidak dipotong melebihi 40 hari. Hal ini diriwayatkan daripada Anas bin Malik yang bermaksud “Sudah ditentukan waktu bagi kami memotong misaim, memotong kuku, mencabut bulu ketiak dan mencukur bulu ari-ari agar kami tidak membiarkannya lebih daripada 40 malam”. (riwayat Muslim)

Menurut Imam Syafie dan ulamaknya, sunat memotong kuku sebelum mengerjakan solat Jumaat seperti disunatkan mandi, bersugi, berharuman, berpakaian kemas sebelum ke masjid.

Diriwayatkan daripada Abu Said al-Khudri dan Abu Hurairah katanya, Rasulullah saw bersabda yang bermaksud “Sesiapa yang mandi pada hari Jumaat, bersugi, berwangian jika memilikinya dan memakai pakaian yang terbaik, kemudian keluar rumah hingga sampai ke masjid, dia tidak melangkahi orang yang bersaf, kemudian mengerjalan solat sunat, dia diam ketika imam keluar (berkhutbah) dan tidak berkata apa-apa hinga selesai solat, maka jadilah penebus dosa antara Jumaat itu dengan Jumaat sebelumnya” (Riwayat Ahmad).

Daripada Abu Hurairah maksudnya “Nabi saw memotong kuku dan menggunting misaim pada hari Jumaat sebelum baginda keluar untuk solat” (Riwayat al-Bazzar dan al-Tabrani). Sementara itu, menurut Ibnu Hajar, sunat memotong kuku pada Khamis, pagi Jumaat atau Isnin.

Menanam Potongan Kuku

Islam sangat perihatin terhadap memuliakan anak Adam, termasuklah anggota badanya. Kuku yang dipotong, sunat ditanam dalam tanah sebagai tanda hormat kerana ia adalah anggota manusia.

Memotong Kuku Ketika Haid, Nifas dan Junub

Kitan al-Ihya’ ada menyatakan bahawa jika seseorang dalam keadaan junub atau berhadas besar, jangan memotong rambut, kuku atau mengeluarkan darah atau memotong sesuatu yang jelas daripada badannya sebelum mandi junub. Ini kerana potongan itu akan kembali kepadanya dengan keadaan junub.

Memanjangkan Kuku

Tabiat memanjangkan kuku bertentangan dengan sunnah Rasulullah saw yang menggalakkan supaya memotong kuku. Jika dibiarkan kuku panjang, nescaya banyak perkara yang membabitkan hukum seperti wuduk, mandi wajib dan sebagainya. Selain itu, antara perkara sunat dilakukan kepada orang sakit atau nazak adalah mengelokkan diri iaitu dengan memotong kuku, misaim, mencabut bulu ketiak, cukur bulu ari-ari, bersugi, mandi, berwangian dan memakai pakaian bersih.

Monday, May 7

The truth of love its beyond your imagination.

First time I met her on the road. At once she stroked with me. All the shopping bags in her hands were fallen down. She was in hurry. She collected all the bags quickly. I helped her to collect all the things. She was looking so much confused. She collected her things and step forward quickly. I was just looking at her. When she had gone, I saw her hand bag was there. I picked it and wanted to give her. But she was gone. I found her identity card in her bag. I read her address and decided to go her home to return her bag.
Next day I reached at her home. I knocked at the door. A little boy came out and asked me, to whom you want to meet? I said to Miss Aneela. He said she is my mother. I asked him to tell his mother about me. After few minutes she came at the door. I gave her the bag. She was so glad to see her bag. She said, I do not know you. I told her, you were stroked with me yesterday. She said I did not remember. She said I am very thanking full to for returning her bag. She offered me a cup of tea. Intentionally I accepted her offer. Then I entered in her house. There was no body accept both of them. She seated me in drawing room. She went to kitchen to make tea.
I asked her son about his father. He said I had never seen my father. I was surprised at his reply. He was so innocent and cute boy. He was busy in playing game. After a while she entered there with two cups of tea. She gave me a cup and sat on the sofa. She was also taking tea. There was much silent and then she started to talk. I am thankful for your kindness. Otherwise who return the things? I said it was my duty to return your.
She was quite young lady of 27 years old. I asked her, when you were got married? She smiled and did not give any answer. She said to her son to go out and play there. Then she said to me, I am not married. I was much surprised at her reply. I asked then that boy? She said he is my real son.
I said if you don’t mind, may ask the fact? She became sad and her eyes were filled with tears. I said sorry to her and said, I did not want to hurt you. She said, no its ok. Actually no body asked me ever about my life. I could not tell the reality of my life to any one. But today you had asked me then I will tell you about me.
She said, I was eighteen years old. I was the student of fsc. I liked my class fellow Aneel so much. We were read together from one class. He was so gentle boy. I liked his behavior. His good attitude and respected nature attracted me more toward him. I had never spoken to him about my love feelings. I wanted he said to me that he like me. But he also had not said. He was so respected to girls, therefore he did not express me his love. But I knew that he also liked me.
One day we were sitting in college lawn. I asked to him I want to say something. He said I know what you want to say. Then he saw in my eyes and said he loves me. I was so much glad at his declaration. That was the happiest day of my life because; I had gotten my love without any struggle. He said, he will talk to his parents soon and we will get married. I was agreed with him. He invited me at his home for a party. I accepted his invitation.
In the evening I reached at his home. When I was entered in the house, there was no body there. He welcomed me and took me in his drawing room. I asked about other friend. He said he had arranged that party just for me. I was surprised, he loved me so much and he arranged a party just for me. then he proposed me and gave me a diamond ring. I was so excited at his surprise. Then he gave me a cold drink. I drank it and after a while I felt something wrong was happened with me. I felt a little headache. At that time I saw his changed attitude. He was drinking and laughing loudly. His strange behavior made me confused. But I could not control my self.
Then I wake up, I was in hospital. My family was all there. I could not understand what was happened with me. When I came in senses. I came to know that I had lost everything. My mother told me Aneel had left me at home in very bad condition. He told them I was found him in the bar. He had spoken lie to my family. I was raped by him. But he told lie to my family and went away. Then I was pregnant and mother said to me to abort the child. I was still in shock. I loved him so much and my love was true for him. I thought why he had done with me bad. I did not agree with my mother. I wanted to born my baby because I loved Aneel so much.
Then my father said, if not I agreed with them then I should leave his house. There is no place for me. I requested to my father to give me support against Aneel but he said, he is not ready to be insulted in the world. So I decided to leave the house of my father. Then, I decided to face the hardships of my life alone. I thought I will face the world. I will birth my child. From that day I am living alone. Now my son is nine years old. He had never asked me about his father and I also never told him about that cheap person. Now my life is my son. I faced many problems and pains for him. But I will safe my son from the bad habits. I will teach my son to fight against the wrong to face the hardships of life. He will face the reality of life with strong heart and mind.
When, I listened her story. I thought she is such a strong woman, who faced the very bad circumstances. She was just 27 years old but her courage was so much high. I respect her and offered her if any time she need any help she should call me. I will give her any support. But she said; now I had taught to face the hardships alone. I respect her much. I am against those boys who made victim such innocent girls for their bad purpose.

Sunday, May 6

15 Guys You Should Never Date

#15 The Control Freak

It's good for a guy to be in control of his own life, but he shouldn't try to control yours. Or things outside both of your control. Like weather. Stop that.
#14 Mr. Wake-and-Bake
It's one thing for your boyfriend to be laid-back. It's another for him to be constantly stoned. That gets old fast.

#13 The Mama's Boy

His mama taught him he's god's gift to the world. And he'll except you to treat him like it.

#12 The Dreamer

He's an idealist, and that's inspiring at first. Until you realize he's going nowhere with his head in the clouds.

#11 The Egomaniac

It's one thing for a guy to take pride in his work. It's another for him to be obsessed with himself.

#10 The Man-Child

He's an adult; he should act like one. Or it's going to be you cleaning up his mess.

#9 The Player

This guy doesn't want a relationship. Period. Don't find out the hard way.

#8 Prince Charming

If he seems to good to be true, he probably is.

#7 The Addict

Whether it's coke, gambling, or even video games, you think you can change him. You can't.

#6 The Bad Boy

]He'll go down fast and he'll drag you down with him.

#5 The Party Animal

This is not what you want to have to take home at the end of the night. Or wake up to the next morning.

#4 Mr. Negativity

Your significant other should make your life better, not find problems everywhere. No one wants a buzzkill.

#3 The Workaholic

He's always stressed, never around, and even when you can get a hold of him, all he wants to do is work. Might as well be dating your stock broker.

#2 Mr. Possessive

There's a difference between belonging with someone and belong to someone. Any man who treats you like property has no place in your life.

#1 Mr. What-Do-You-Want-To-Do

It might seem like this guy just values your opinion, but really he just doesn't have one of his own. What starts off as comfortable can quickly turn boring.

Saturday, May 5

Tomatoes were used in Mayan recipes about 1,000 years before Italy even saw them!

The tomato is actually original to South America. It wasn't until the Spanish colonization of the Americas that the tomato was spread to other parts of the world.  The earliest mention of tomatoes in European literature was in 1514. It was described as a ‘golden apple.’ 
The plant was most likely first domesticated in Mexico. It is said that the people of Pueblo thought that those who saw the ingestion of tomato seeds were blessed with the power of divination. The first tomatoes probably looked a lot more like yellow cherry tomatoes, and then became the plant we know today.
Technically the tomato is a fruit, but for culinary purposes it is regarded as a vegetable. Peru is where the tomato originates, but one species was transported to Mexico, too. The term tomato comes from the Nahuatl language meaning  ‘the swelling fruit.’

Tuesday, May 1

10 Cara Bila Bergaduh

1) Jangan Bersyarah
Dalam perhubungan yang matang, anda mesti menghormati pasangan anda dan juga diri sendiri sebagai orang dewasa. Bila anda mula bersyarah dengan panjang lebar kepada seseorang itu tentang kesalahannya, ini boleh mencetuskan perasaan yang amat tidak selesa dalam dirinya. Satu ‘kuasa’ memberontak dan tidak puas hati terhadap anda boleh wujud hasil dari sikap tersebut. Oleh itu, selain dari bersikap “anda adalah betul” dalam situasi seperti ini, adalah lebih baik anda bercakap tentang bagaimana cara untuk membetulkan kesilapan yang telah berlaku. Fokus anda mesti kepada bagaimana untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang timbul dan juga supaya perkara itu tidak berulang lagi.
2) Jangan Balas Dendam
Selalunya, bila hati seseorang itu benar-benar disakiti oleh pasangannya, dia juga akan bertindakbalas untuk menyakiti hati pasangannya semula. Biar pasangannya rasa bersalah dan rasa apa yang dia rasa. Kononnya supaya pasangannya sedar bahawa kesalahan telah dilakukan. Pada masa itu,tindakan macam ni seolah-olah idea yang bagus,sebenarnya akan memalapkan lagi perhubungan. Jangan bertindak begitu. Bila anda salahkan pasangan anda tentang sesuatu perkara dan cuba buat dia rasa bersalah, anda mengatakan bahawa anda betul dan dia salah-hukuman telah dijatuhkan, susah nak selesaikan pergaduhan anda!
3) Jangan Tinggikan Suara
Bila emosi dan kemarahan menguasai diri, adalah sukar untuk mengawal suara lebih-lebih lagi bila pasangan anda sendiri meninggikan suara kepada anda. Walau apa pun, anda mesti ingat, merendahkan nada suara dan bercakap dengan tenang dan tidak menengking amat penting bila berbincang dalam sesuatu konflik. Suasana tenang membolehkan anda dan pasangan mendengar dengan lebih baik apa yang diperkatakan terhadap satu sama lain. Konflik dapat diselesaikan dengan lebih cepat dan tidak merebak dengan lebih teruk dan merosakkan.
4) Elakkan Terlalu Peribadi dan Sensitif
Masa situasi konflik tengah hangat, janganlah terlalu sangat “terasa”, jangan terlalu sensitif atau “take it too personal”. Keadaan yang tengah “panas” boleh buat anda terlepas cakap.Oleh itu pastikan anda tidak terlalu sensitif atas segala yang sedang diperkatakan kerana selalunya emosi lebih menguasai keadaan pada waktu ini. Oleh itu,kadangkala ada waktunya perkara betul yang pasangan anda katakan boleh menjadi perkara yang amat sensitif bagi anda dan anda pula boleh terlepas cakap atau sengaja “melepas” cakap tanpa berfikir panjang.
5) Jangan Timbulkan Perkara-perkara Kecil
Bila tengah bergaduh tu, jangan timbulkan perkara-perkara kecil yang langsung tak membantu selesaikan masalah. Perkara-perkara kecil yang dalam 2-3 hari akan datang tu dah boleh lupa contohnya, tak perlulah diungkit. Fikir sebelum timbulkan benda-benda kecil macam ni sebab ia takkan membantu, membakar semangat marah dan terukkan lagi keadaan tu adalah. Benda-benda kecil ni termasuk la juga perkara yang dah lama terjadi dah 3 – 4 bulan lepas contohnya jadi tumpu hanya pada isu yang sedang berlaku.
6) Mendengar Dengan Teliti
Walaupun susah nak dibuat, anda perlu jadi pendengar yang baik dan teliti. Pasangan anda mungkin dengan jelasnya beritahu apa yang anda berdua perlu untuk selesaikan masalah tapi disebabkan anda tak ambil perhatian, tak dengar dengan baik dan teliti, bukan saja cadangan dia anda tak ambil kira,malah anda pula bagi penyelesaian yang takde kena-mengena dan merumitkan keadaan.
7) Fokus Satu Isu Pada Satu Masa
Seperti biasa yang anda mungkin dah banyak kali dengar ~ fokus! Perkara terbaik yang anda boleh buat ialah kenal pasti apa punca sebenar masalah dalam perhubungan anda sekarang dan cari penyelesaian untuk isu itu sahaja. Bila anda mula bercakap tentang banyak perkara, macam-macam isu, anda mengelirukan keadaan. Selesaikan satu persatu dan bergerak ke punca isu yang lain bila isu pertama selesai. Tentu sekali anda ingin tau apa cerita sebenar yang jadi punca mengeruhkan hubungan anda supaya masalah dapat selesai dengan cepat, jadi pastikan anda fokus!
8.) Jangan Serang!
Biasalah, dah terlalu marah sangat, anda pun “naik angin”… bila perkara macam ni berlaku, biasanya anda boleh menyerang peribadi pasangan anda. Sebelum perkara macam ni berlaku, fikir dan sedar bahawa ia TAKKAN membantu malah memburukkan keadaan. Anda ingin selesaikan masalah, bukan nak serang pasangan anda.
9) Mesti Hormat
Perbalahan/pertelingkahan dalam perhubungan boleh menjadikan sesuatu perhubungan itu lebih matang dan lebih rapat malah lebih indah setelah konflik dan isu berakhir dengan baik. Nak jadi macam ni, anda perlu faham perbalahan perlu di lihat dalam konteks “learning experience” atau proses belajar selain melihatnya dari satu sudut saja. Beri perhatian, sabar, tenang, buat “eye contact”, tanya soalan yang relevan dan diperlukan dalam masa yang sesuai. Ini adalah antara cara utama untuk menunjukkan sikap hormat kepada pasangan anda. Bersama, dengan sikap seperti ini anda berdua PASTI boleh menyelesaikan segala masalah yang melanda.
10) Jangan Tinggalkan
Satu lagi perkara yang sukar dibuat bila bergaduh ialah berada tetap dalam tempoh konflik itu sedang berlaku, dari mula sampai selesai. Ramai orang bila dah tak tahan, marah sangat, terus tinggalkan pasangan, bermaksud terus keluar dari “medan” konflik atau pertelingkahan sekaligus membiarkan situasi “tergantung” macam tu je. Pasangan pun dia tinggalkan. Walaupun rasa tak boleh tahan sangat, marah ke, “tension” ke, jangan angkat kaki, tinggalkan konflik dan pasangan macam tu je. Bagi tau dia anda perlukan masa sekejap untuk tenangkan fikiran sebentar, mungkin anda pergi duduk tempat lain kejap ke… kemudian pastikan anda datang semula. Ini secara tidak langsung menunjukkan anda seorang yang berkaliber dan dapat mengurus emosi dengan baik tak kiralah anda lelaki atau wanita.

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