Thursday, May 17

A snail can sleep for 3 years.

It is no secret that snails need moisture to stay alive. Because many snails live in dry climates, they have developed a few tricks to survive through dry spells. One of them is extremely long hibernation.

Even though some snails can even dig underground to get away from the dry air, this might not be enough to keep them alive. If the situation is too hot and dry, snails can find a place to hibernate for up to three years until the climate is more suitable for them. Because snails can live for fifteen years, this is a good portion of their life, but not as much as other living things.

Here's some other facts about snails and how they manage to gather up all the moisture they need to survive:

  • Snails are mostly nocturnal, so that the light of day doesn’t burn them out as badly.
  • Because they are hermaphrodites, they don’t need to worry about finding a mate in the dry air.
  • The opening of the snail shell is covered with a slimy gel that prevents much air passage.


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