Monday, April 30

A Chinese couple lived in seclusion for 50 years to be able to live together!

Over 50 years ago, a 19-year-old man named Liu fell in love with an 29-year-old widow named Xu. Because of the age difference they were not able to be together so they fled up a mountain and lived life out of a cave. There was no electricity or water in the cave, but the two made it livable. 
Liu began carving a staircase that would take over 50 years to complete and consist of over 6,000 steps so that his wife could comfortably go up and down the mountain. The couple was living in total seclusion until a group of adventurers was going through the forest and came upon the staircase. 
After 50 years of seclusion the couple became worldwide sensations. They were so in love that they spent every single day together. Liu and Xu had seven children and lived happily until Liu came back from his daily farm work and collapsed. Xu cradled her husband in her arms until he passed away, separating them for the first time since they went up the mountain. A way better Love Story than Twilight.

Sunday, April 29

A lion’s roar can be heard five miles away!

A lion’s roar is one of the loudest noises any animal on Earth can make. It is so loud that it can be heard over five miles away from the lion! Scientists have been doing research on the immense sound lion’s emit and have discovered that the reason its loud isn’t because of lung capacity.
It’s actually because they have an unusual set of vocal cords which allow them to produce a noise that is both hard and heavy at the same time, all with hardly using the respiratory system. These vocal cords contain two membranes which are covered in a peculiar layer of fat that allow the vocal cords to vibrate horizontally, magnifying the sound! 

Pinball used to be illegal!

Pinball’s origins can be traced back thousands of years to ancients playing similar games on grass with rolling stones. The modern pinball game that would commonly come to mind was popularized in the 1700’s with the introduction of the spring launcher. By the 1930’s pinball was one of the most popular games in the world and one of the bestselling.
However, this would all have to be put on pause as gambling laws began to become much more strict. In New York City, pinball bans were particularly stringent. Beginning in the early 1940’s until 1976 no pinball machine was allowed in the city. Mayor Fiorello La Guardai was behind the ban because he believed the game robbed school children of their hard earned change.
La Guardia would enact raids throughout the city. If a pinball machine was found police, and the mayor himself, would stand in the street and destroy them with sledgehammers and dump the remains in the rivers.
The ban was not removed until a man named Roger Sharpe testified that pinball took skill and was not linkable to gambling. He reportedly played a game in the courtroom and the jury was so stunned by his skill that they voted to remove the ban! 

Mr. Peanut man's real name is Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe

He was named and created in 1916 by the winner of a contest to create the company logo for 'Planters'. He was a 14 year old boy named Antonio Gentlie, who submitted a drawing of a Peanut man along with the elaborate and classy name. Later on, an artist added on a monocle, top hat, cane, and spats to the drawing. His image is so iconic that, 90 years after he was introduced, Planters conducted an online contest to change Mr. Peanut's image and the people voted for no changes at all! 
Mr. Peanut was finally given a voice, 94 years after his creation, by Robert Downey Jr. How cool is it that Iron Man voices Mr. Peanut? Apparently they wanted an elegant accent for the character. Kevin Dillon voices Peanut Butter Doug, a stunt double for Mr. Peanut. Check the video to see Mr. Peanut's double

Stethoscopes were invented so doctors could avoid having to put their ears against women's chests.

In 1816, René Laennec, a French physician, was visited by an overweight young woman with heart issues. He was having trouble diagnosing her using his hand to feel her heartbeat. Because of her age and sex, he did not want to place his ear against her chest. 
Knowing that putting an ear to an object allows the ear to hear noises affecting the other side, he rolled up a sheet of paper into a tube and pressed it against the patient's heart. As he suspected, it allowed him to hear her heart much better. After years of development, the modern stethoscope was finally invented in 1851. 

Tobacco can cause hallucinations!

Tobacco in its natural form, not processed cigarettes, has very different qualities than the tobacco Americans consume today. Tobacco that can cause hallucinations are the strains that Native Americans used to, and still do, smoke. What exactly is different from this tobacco? 
There are chemicals in the tobacco plant called harmala alkaloids, harman and norharman. They’re hallucinogens that can cause intense hallucinations. The reason the tobacco that we smoke does not cause this is because it is so processed that the harmala alkaloids are usually inadvertently removed. Also, the tobacco that Native Americans and South American tribes smoke is much more potent and they consume much more of it at a time, which, when the harmala alkaloids reach the brain through inhalation, cause visions to blur and the mind to be warped.
This tobacco was used by wise men throughout history such as shamans to gain wisdom and increase spiritual development. It was an extremely spiritual practice that allowed the wise men to expand their minds and consider the world from many different points of view. Although we cannot reach this level from smoking cigarettes, if you were to travel to South America and consume the tobacco strains that have been carefully cultivated for hundreds of years, the effects would be shocking. 

Cinta Jarak Jauh Dan Cara Untuk Mengatasi Rasa Rindu

Bila terasa rindu, apa sahaja yang dibuat semuanya tak kena. Semuanya tidak menjadi. Betul tak? Kalau dah rindu kita akan asyik terbayang-bayangkan si dia. Masa makan kita akan teringatkan dia disamping kita. Waktu tidur pun kita akan terbayangkan akan si dia. Lebih-lebih lagi jika si dia adalah insan yang paling kita sayangi.
Rindu bila berjauhan memang tidak dapat digambarkan dengan kata-kata. Apatah lagi jika pasangan itu dipisahkan dengan jarak yang jauh. Maklumlah nak berjumpa memang mustahil melainkan kita sanggup mengabaikan tugasan semata-mata untuk melepaskan rindu. Cinta jarak jauh ini banyak dialami oleh mereka yang bekerja atau pelajar yang bercinta dengan pasangan yang bekerja atau belajar berlainan tempat.
Atas sebab-sebab ini, mereka terpaksa berkorban demi untuk menjalankan tugas dan tanggungjawab. Perasaan rindu itu akan lebih menebal sekiranya pasangan itu sudah berkahwin. Lagi-lagi buat mereka yang baru sahaja berkahwin tetapi terpaksa berjauhan kerana urusan kerja ataupun melanjutkan pelajaran di tempat yang lebih jauh.
Bila rindu apa yang harus kita lakukan? Adakah cara untuk mengubat rindu? Sebenarnya terdapat cara untuk kita mengubat rindu yang terbuku di dalam hati ini. Berikut adalah cara yang boleh dilakukan untuk mengubat rindu.

Hubungi Orang Yang Dirindui

Tidak dapat dinafikan hanya mendengar suara si dia sudah cukup untuk menggembirakan kita. Secara tak langsung kita akan senyum atau menangis bergantung pada tahap berapa kerinduan tersebut. Selain calling, kita juga boleh SMS, email, BBM, video call atau berutus surat. Dengan cara ini perasaan rindu yang ada dalam hati itu dapat diubati.

Melihat Foto Atau Video Si Dia

Kalau rindu, tataplah gambar atau video yang kita ambil bersama si dia. Perhatikan betul-betul apa yang membuatkan kita tertarik dengannya dan ingati saat manis-manis bersama dengan si dia. Zaman sekarang macam-macam cara kita boleh lihat gambar atau video si dia selain dalam album gambar. Dalam handphone, facebook, blog atau laman social yang lain.

Kunjungi Tempat Yang Pernah Dilewati Bersama

Pergilah ke tempat yang biasa dikunjungi ketika bersama dulu. Ia betul-betul membangkitkan kenangan bersama si dia. Gambarkan dia ada bersama kita. Biarlah orang sekeliling nak cakap kita gila. Pedulikan apa orang lain katakan asalkan rindu yang berbuku dihati dapat diubati.

Memeluk Pakaian Si Dia

Tahu tak bau pakaian yang telah dipakai oleh pasangan kita boleh mengubat kerinduan? Sebab itu bila sahaja ibu yang kehilangan orang yang disayanginya dia akan memeluk dan mencium pakaian untuk melepaskan rindu. Mungkin dengan memeluk dan cium pakaian orang yang kita sayangi itu, kita dapat merasakan si dia hampir dengan kita.

Lakukan Persediaan Untuk Dia

Bila terlalu kemaruk dengan rindu, banyak aktiviti harian tak dapat dilakukan dengan sempurna. Sebab kita hilang fokus. Masak pun tak cukup gula, sapu lantai tak cukup licin, buat kerja semua tak menjadi dan sebagainya. Kita akan jadi tidak keruan kerana sentiasa teringatkan si dia.
Jadi apa kata setkan di fikiran semua aktiviti yang kita lakukan itu semata-mata untuk si dia, orang yang kita rindui. Anggap sahaja kita sedang melakukan persediaan untuk menyambut dia pulang. Mungkin dengan cara ini kita akan jadi lebih bersemangat.
Sebenarnya tidak semua yang kita lakukan seperti diatas ini betul-betul boleh mengubat rindu kita pada si dia. Ikutkan ubat yang betul-betul berkesan untuk mengubat rindu adalah bertemu dengan dia. Hanya itu sahaja yang boleh mengubat rindu. Tetapi jika berjauh batunya jarak dia dengan kita, adalah mustahil untuk kita bertemu dengannya jika kita rindu. Sedikit sebanyak dengan apa yang kita lakukan seperti diatas boleh mengurangkan rindu kita pada si dia.

The true story about Pocahontas

The Disney movie documents a love story between a Native American princess and an English colonist. In the movie the two are both young adults and fall madly in love with each other after Pocahontas saved his life. 
The true story, however, is not very similar. Most people don't know Pocahontas's true story, and Disney isn't exactly known for its reliance on facts. Here’s some of her life story highlights:
  • She was actually only eleven when the English arrived in Virginia, while John Smith was twenty-eight. 
  • The story of her saving him from execution is true, but unfortunately they never fell in love. 
  • Pocahontas kept in contact with the settlers and aided them in times of need, such as providing food for the winter. 
  • One summer, Pocahontas arrived at the colony asking for Smith and was told he died. However, he had been sent back to England from a leg wound. 
  • She later met a man named John Rolfe. They eloped to England. 
  • Pocahontas's life ended on a high note as a foreign princess treated to the life of luxury among the richest and most powerful people in Europe.
  • Tragically, when she was only 21 she caught a disease her body couldn't handle and passed away abroad, never returning to her homeland. 

Mr. Bean saved his family by taking the controls of a plane, preventing it from crashing. He'd never piloted before!

Rowan Atkinson is an actor best known for his role as Mr. Bean on a television show. He was riding a private plane from Ukunda to Nairobi’s Wilson Airport. 45 minutes into the plane ride when the pilot collapsed. The family tried to wake the pilot, but he didn't wake for a period of time, forcing Atkinson to take control. 
Atkinson had never flown a plane before, but took control in order to save his wife and two kids. The pilot woke up in time to land the plane after Atkinson slapped him several times. The actor himself has made no comment on the event. The incident was reported and the Atkinson family flew back to the UK. Atkinson is no stranger to transportation accidents: in 1999, he survived a car crash unscathed. 

Koreans measure age very differently!

The way the majority of the world measures age seems common sense to most people. We are born without a year, and then every year on our birthday we get one year older. Simple right?
The Korean system isn’t so easy. In Korea, a baby is born being one year old because they include the time in the womb as being alive, so they are already technically a year older than westerners consider themselves. This may not seem so strange, but it gets odder.
Every New Year another year is added to their age. Thus, if a baby is born on the last day of the year, they will be two years old on New Year’s Day! Many do calculate their age according to Western culture because it’s much less complicated, yet this tradition is still popular in Korea.
The system was actually started in China and has been widely used across Asia throughout the years. It was officially outlawed in Japan, and fell out of use in most places. Korea, however, still favors this system over the Western one.

Wednesday, April 25

The chocolate chip cookie was an accident!

Before there were chocolate chip cookies, it was either sugar or complete chocolate. This all changed in the year 1930 when a woman by the name Ruth Graves Wakefield was baking. The story goes that she was attempting to make chocolate cookies, but was running low on baker’s chocolate so instead added broken pieces of semi-sweet chocolate from Nestlé, expecting the chocolate to mix in the batter. 
To her surprise, and cookie lovers around the world’s joy, the chocolate did not mix and large chunks of semi-sweet chocolate were stuck in the baked cookies making the cookie we know today! Graves sold her recipe to Nestlé in exchange for a life time supply of chocolate chips, and if you look on the back of Nestlé’s chocolate chip cookie box the recipe is still there! 

Monday, April 16

The “Star Wars Kid” dropped out of school due to teasing. Now he is a lawyer.

As communication becomes more and more reliant on the Internet and social sites, issues of privacy and related problems also become more common. These issues can lead to harassment and a form of online bullying. In the case of Star Wars Kid, as he is often called on the often Internet, the video posted caused him to drop out of school and enter into a psychiatric ward for depression.
The video itself shows Ghyslain Raza, Star Wars Kid, spinning around in a circle with an imaginary light saber. The video went viral and Raza felt harassed and part of a widespread form of bullying. Raza and his parents sued several families whose children posted the video. They reached a monetary settlement with the other families.
A little older now, in his 20s, Ghyslain Raza, already familiar with the legal process from the legal proceedings over the video, is working to become a lawyer. While online bullying has led to suicide in some situations, in the case or Raza, he has overcome the bullying, and used his experience to form his career. 

Saturday, April 14

Petanda si lelaki setia.

1.Dia bersungguh2 melakukan sesuatu utk kekasihnya dgn rela bukan krn terpaksa.

2.Dia sentiasa ingin menghiburkan kekasihnya dan berubah menjadi orang yg kuat bercakap.

3.Dia byk menasihati kekasihnya kerana dia amat menyayangi kekasihnya.

4.Dia berusaha mengongkong kebebasan kekasihnya krn perasaan cemburunya yg meluap2.

5.Dia sentiasa takut kehilangan kekasihnya.

6.Dia sentiasa mengawasi pergerakan kekasihnya krn dia sentiasa berasa curiga.

7.Dia tidak suka ada lelaki lain rapat dgn kekasihnya.

8.Dia mudah merasa cemburu dan sensitif apabila kekasihnya tidak menumpukan sepenuh perhatian kepadanya.

9.Adakalanya dia seperti seorang anak kecil yang meminta perhatian krn dia mahu kekasihnya melayannya lebih dari org lain.

10.Dia menjadi org yg paling rajin dan sanggup membantu kekasihnya melakukan apa saja.

11.Dia pandai merajuk hati krn ingin dipujuk oleh kekasihnya.

12.Dia akan mengelabah apabila kekasihnya berjauhan daripanya terlalu lama.

13.Dia sentiasa mempastikan keselamatan kekasihnya.

14.Dia mementingkan kekasihnya daripada dirinya sendiri.

15.Dia kerap bertanya adakah kekasihnya mencintainya krn dia merasa kasihnya lebih kuat drpd kekasihnya.

16.Dia tidak akan melayan perempuan lain yg tidak ada urusan penting dengannya.

17.Dia cuba meluangkan lebih byk masa dgn kekasihnya walaupun terpaksa menunggu kekasihnya dgn sabar.

18.Dia membanggakan kekasihnya di depan org lain.

19.Kalau ditinggalkan oleh kekasihnya, ia akan berasa serik dan tidak percaya dgn cinta perempuan lain namun

20.dia sentiasa mengharap kekasihnya kembali kepadanya.

21.Apabila timbul org ketiga, dia akan hilang akal dan sanggup berbuat apa saja untuk merebut kembali kekasihnya.

22.Dia menganggap kekasihnya sebagai org yg paling dipercayainya dan sanggup menyerahkan harta walaupun nyawanya sendiri.

23.Dia tidak akan berlaku curang kepada kekasihnya namun jikalau dia berbuat demikian itu bererti hatinya belum 100 peratus mencintai kekasihnya.

Bukan semua lelaki sanggup menitiskan airmata hanya untuk seorang perempuan..

Perkara perkara yang kita perlu tahu tentang senyum :)

1. Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang bermaksud: “Janganlah kamu meremehkan kebaikan apa pun, walaupun sekadar bertemu saudaramu dengan wajah yang manis (wajah ceria dan senyuman).” – Hadis Riwayat Muslim.

2. Senyum merupakan satu senaman berbentuk jogging dalaman yang dapat merangsang seluruh tubuh melalui sistem saraf otak dan juga hormon-hormon.

3. Apabila kita tersenyum, badan turut ‘tersenyum’ dan memperlahankan aliran darah yang melalui sinus ke otak. Ini sangat bermanfaat dalam mengelakkan tekanan darah yang tinggi ke otak.

4. Apabila kita tersenyum, kita hanya menggunakan 17 otot muka berbanding 43 ketika mengerutkan dahi.

5. Senyuman bukan hanya sekadar reaksi terhadap sesuatu, malah ia juga terlibat dalam penghasilan endorphin yang mengurangkan kesakitan fizikal dan emosi menjadikan seseorang itu merasa lebih selesa dengan diri sendiri.

6. Ketawa (berperasaan gembira) sebanyak 100 kali dalam tempoh 24 jam mempunyai manfaat kardiovaskular sama seperti bersenam selama 10 minit. Hal ini demikian kerana apabila kita ketawa, tekanan darah dan kadar degupan jantung meningkat. Seterusnya, kedua-dua kadar ini akan turun lebih rendah daripada paras sebelum ketawa.

7. “Tawa Rasulullah SAW hanyalah senyuman.” – Riwayat Tirmidzi.

8. Kajian yang dibuat oleh sekumpulan saintis dari Universiti Pusat Perubatan California menjelaskan terdapat dua jenis ‘stress’ iaitu stress yang baik dan stress yang tidak baik. Senyum dikategorikan sebagai stress yang baik. Stress yang tidak baik akan memberi tekanan kepada sistem ketahanan badan. 9. Apabila kita senyum, sel pembunuh tumor dan virus semulajadi dalam badan akan bertambah selaras dengan pertambahan Gamma-interferon (protein melawan penyakit), sel T (yang penting untuk sistem pertahanan badan) dan sel B (yang menghasilkan antibodi untuk melawan penyakit).

10. Senyuman juga mampu merendahkan tekanan darah, menambah kemasukan oksigen dalam darah dan ini secara tidak langsung merangsang proses penyembuhan.

11. Senyuman yang diakhiri dengan ketawa mengaktifkan bahan kimia badan dan secara tidak langsung merendahkan risiko penyakit jantung, tekanan darah tinggi, strok, arthritis dan ulser.

12. Senyuman dan ketawa adalah senaman yang baik kerana ia membabitkan diafragma, abdomen, sistem pernafasan, muka, kaki dan otot belakang badan. Ia ibarat urutan terhadap organ-organ dalam abdomen dan menguatkan otot abdomen, merangsang kedua-dua belah otak dan meningkatkan daya tumpuan belajar. Ia juga melegakan ketegangan otot dan tekanan psikologi, membuatkan otak lebih peka serta bersedia menerima maklumat baru.

13. Ketawa juga dikatakan mampu memperbaiki fungsi usus, sekali gus meningkatkan pencernaan dan penyerapan nutrient dalam badan.

14. Senyum mampu menjadi penawar kepada penyakit rohani yang kronik. Ia juga mampu menyejukkan hati yang sedang marah dan memulakan sebuah ukhwah.

15. Dalam ajaran Islam, senyum mempunyai kedudukan yang setaraf dengan bersedekah. Sabda Rasulullah SAW: “Senyum kalian bagi saudaranya adalah sedekah, beramar makruf dan nahi mungkar yang kalian lakukan untuk saudaranya juga sedekah, dan kalian menunjukkan jalan bagi seseorang yang tersesat juga sedekah.” (HR Tirmizi dan Abu Dzar).

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