Monday, April 16

The “Star Wars Kid” dropped out of school due to teasing. Now he is a lawyer.

As communication becomes more and more reliant on the Internet and social sites, issues of privacy and related problems also become more common. These issues can lead to harassment and a form of online bullying. In the case of Star Wars Kid, as he is often called on the often Internet, the video posted caused him to drop out of school and enter into a psychiatric ward for depression.
The video itself shows Ghyslain Raza, Star Wars Kid, spinning around in a circle with an imaginary light saber. The video went viral and Raza felt harassed and part of a widespread form of bullying. Raza and his parents sued several families whose children posted the video. They reached a monetary settlement with the other families.
A little older now, in his 20s, Ghyslain Raza, already familiar with the legal process from the legal proceedings over the video, is working to become a lawyer. While online bullying has led to suicide in some situations, in the case or Raza, he has overcome the bullying, and used his experience to form his career. 

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