Sunday, April 29

Mr. Bean saved his family by taking the controls of a plane, preventing it from crashing. He'd never piloted before!

Rowan Atkinson is an actor best known for his role as Mr. Bean on a television show. He was riding a private plane from Ukunda to Nairobi’s Wilson Airport. 45 minutes into the plane ride when the pilot collapsed. The family tried to wake the pilot, but he didn't wake for a period of time, forcing Atkinson to take control. 
Atkinson had never flown a plane before, but took control in order to save his wife and two kids. The pilot woke up in time to land the plane after Atkinson slapped him several times. The actor himself has made no comment on the event. The incident was reported and the Atkinson family flew back to the UK. Atkinson is no stranger to transportation accidents: in 1999, he survived a car crash unscathed. 

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