Sunday, April 29

The true story about Pocahontas

The Disney movie documents a love story between a Native American princess and an English colonist. In the movie the two are both young adults and fall madly in love with each other after Pocahontas saved his life. 
The true story, however, is not very similar. Most people don't know Pocahontas's true story, and Disney isn't exactly known for its reliance on facts. Here’s some of her life story highlights:
  • She was actually only eleven when the English arrived in Virginia, while John Smith was twenty-eight. 
  • The story of her saving him from execution is true, but unfortunately they never fell in love. 
  • Pocahontas kept in contact with the settlers and aided them in times of need, such as providing food for the winter. 
  • One summer, Pocahontas arrived at the colony asking for Smith and was told he died. However, he had been sent back to England from a leg wound. 
  • She later met a man named John Rolfe. They eloped to England. 
  • Pocahontas's life ended on a high note as a foreign princess treated to the life of luxury among the richest and most powerful people in Europe.
  • Tragically, when she was only 21 she caught a disease her body couldn't handle and passed away abroad, never returning to her homeland. 

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