Sunday, April 29

Mr. Peanut man's real name is Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe

He was named and created in 1916 by the winner of a contest to create the company logo for 'Planters'. He was a 14 year old boy named Antonio Gentlie, who submitted a drawing of a Peanut man along with the elaborate and classy name. Later on, an artist added on a monocle, top hat, cane, and spats to the drawing. His image is so iconic that, 90 years after he was introduced, Planters conducted an online contest to change Mr. Peanut's image and the people voted for no changes at all! 
Mr. Peanut was finally given a voice, 94 years after his creation, by Robert Downey Jr. How cool is it that Iron Man voices Mr. Peanut? Apparently they wanted an elegant accent for the character. Kevin Dillon voices Peanut Butter Doug, a stunt double for Mr. Peanut. Check the video to see Mr. Peanut's double

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