Thursday, May 17

You CANNOT drown in quicksand.

Quicksand may have managed to catch the speedy Yale graduate Flash Gordon, and overpower the vine-swinging Tarzan, but it will not get the best of you. Unless you’re cast in the next Hollywood action movie, you should be good to go. It is scientifically impossible to drown in quick sand.

Quicksand is made up of a combination of sand, water, clay and salt. These ingredients form a structure resembling a house of cards. When left alone everything is stable; however, when a person steps on it all hell breaks loose. Very quickly the composition changes due to the disturbance, and the quicksand becomes about one million times runnier.

 Although you may drop down, your heart pounding at the thought of your imminent death, don’t panic. Due to the density of quicksand verse the density of a human, you only sink half way. That’s not to say you won’t be trapped for eternity, but don’t worry about drowning.

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