Thursday, May 17

Slouching on your computer is actually pretty bad for you!

Attention office workers , gamer and computer user . All that time you spend slouching over your computer at work is actually pretty bad for you. You've probably heard your mom tell you how bad it is to have bad posture, and she's right!

  • Slouching can cause digestive problems. Your rib cage is pushing down on your internal organs. With good posture, you'll let your intestines do their work well.
  • Slouching can cause chronic pain in your upper body. Although it's painful at first, good upright posture is what nature intended. The pain you feel in the beginning is because you're working out muscles that you haven't used in a while.
  • Slouching decreases mental performance, although this only seems to affect men. A study by Colorado College showed that male students with good posture scored a lot higher than slouchers!
  •  Good posture makes you taller! Slouching can make you lose up to 1 inch in height! 

  • Prevents 'beer belly!' Like we said above, slouching is bad because it pushes on your organs. Extended periods of this actually makes your organs mold to the bad posture, which means they make your belly more pronounced. 

Check out the link for more information and tips on how to get good posture!

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