Tuesday, May 15

Scientists have found soft tissue on dinosaurs that is nearly 70 million years old!

A Tyrannosaurus rex was recently found in Montana with a shattered leg bone. As paleontologists studied the specimen, one scientist did something that was slightly out of the ordinary. Dr. Mary Schweitzer took fragments of the bone and submerged them in acid in her laboratory. 
What she discovered was astonishing. The specimen contained bits of tissue, red blood cells, and more. Before this, it was thought impossible that these elements would survive this long. This is the first observation of its kind and scientists around the world are baffled by the findings. 
The findings could potentially lead to new insights on how dinosaurs evolved, how their muscles and blood vessels worked, and could even settle the debate on whether the animals were warm-blooded, coldblooded –or both.
 Why was this information just discovered? Scientists say it’s so difficult to find and procure the bones in the first place that most did not even think to destroy them in acid! No word on whether they'll be able to get enough DNA out of this tissue to create a theme park, though.

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