Sunday, May 13

In 2010, Japanese officials went to congratulate the oldest man in Tokyo on his 111th birthday and found he’d been dead for 30 years!

Officials went to congratulate Sogen Kato for being the oldest man in Tokyo. They met his family who refused to let them see him. This made them suspicious, so they began a police investigation into the matter.
When the police forced their way into Mr. Kato’s home, they found his mummified remains in his bed. He was wearing underwear and pajamas under a blanket. Mr. Kato had been dead 30 years! 
His family is being investigated for fraud. They say that Mr. Kato locked himself up 30 years ago and became a living Buddha and they had no idea he had passed away. He had received $109,000 in the past six years for widower’s pension after his wife passed away. 

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