Friday, November 4

Regret is useless when its too late.

isn't its sucks, when ur parents give their hope at u. and u screw it. all they want is ur success in the future but u ruin in just the right half way. u just wanted to enjoy, get fun n wastin ur time n money. young n wanna freedom, but u forget the real world the reality ! Im in this situation, huuu Im so dumb. God! I ruin ma parents hope. Im careless v my study. Its too late for me to regret.
 > It is happen when i check my result, i barely forget about i've taken the exam. total 7subject its pretty easy actually, but i... Im still in my fantasy damn yet still in honeymoon. I had take that exam already past 1month++.
 > before the exam, i still can play around I dint even do the revision. tsk,tsk how shame. I've waste so many precious time now i know 'time is gold' but still, im wonderin still I have that precious time to change my future?? Im hoping it so much.
 > when the exam week start, then i start busy study *study in last min* who u think u are pip? u are not a geniuses nor Albert Einstain too far to be like a president or Oprah. study last min, i onli get last last idea. I dint have enough sleep cause of that. but when in the exam hall, i tried to do the best n yeaa, i came up with quite sucks result.
 > 04/11/2011 duhhh. the killing date. the date to check the exam result. my sis call me early in the mornin 05:44am this morning saying that "hey,chek ur email should received the exam result ad" "Ya Allah! bodoh ne aku" the 1st words that came out from my mouth. super duper bad result that an uni student should not get. 2.57 v repeatin 1subj, ad show that Im pretty dumb. but thanks to Allah, He saved me. n yet im so sad cause my sis dint make it T_T
> I couldn't say anything, my sis told me dady's cryin and mamy upset. what i should do now? im losing my hope little by little.
 > i wish Im brave enough to say "Mamy.. dady.. Sorry"

and now, i can stop blamin myself. idk what i should do now. hais! im losin my mind. who ever read this, Im hoping u do the best and have a nice day. thanks :)

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